Witness The Heartwarming Efforts of Rescuers as They Unearth a Terrier Trapped Underground for 56 Hours

dog stuck in rabbit hole

Flossie, a 9-year-old terrier, survived being trapped underground for 56 hours before being rescued in a dramatic video posted on TikTok by her owner, Poppy Vernon. Flossie disappeared on April 25 after getting stuck in a rabbit hole near her home in Devon, England. Despite hours of searching and even using tracking dogs and underground cameras, Flossie could not be found. However, a neighbor heard her faint bark coming from under a bush and the search dogs were able to locate her. After four days missing and being trapped in dirt and mud, Flossie was unharmed but had lost weight. The video of her rescue has since gone viral with over 3.6 million views. Poppy Vernon believes Flossie dug her own path underground, blocking her way out. She says it’s “amazing” they found her and plans to keep a closer eye on Flossie when she goes outside from now on.

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