“Unleashing the Heroic Tales of Our Top 10 Beloved Pets in 2022: From Saving Lost Children to Foiling Burglars and Detecting Explosives”

This year, we witnessed the bravery of several animals that captured our hearts, ranging from K-9 heroes and guard cats to those who overcame trauma and earned touching honors. Despite loving numerous cats, dogs, and even a canary, Tracey had to give them up after marrying someone allergic to them. However, she continues to share heartwarming animal stories on Daily Paws while working as an editorial strategist and developer for various platforms. Along with teaching yoga and doing voiceover projects, Tracey enjoys exploring new places.

best pet heroes of 2022

Animal heroes don’t need fancy gear or training to make a difference in the world. They act on instinct to protect others. This article does not rank the best pet heroes of 2022, but rather highlights how fortunate we are to share the planet with such selfless creatures. One such hero is Patron, a tenacious two-year-old Russell terrier working with the Ukrainian civil defense service. Using his incredible sense of smell, Patron discovers land mines, improvised explosive devices, and unexploded bombs, saving countless lives. He even received a medal from President Volodymyr Zelensky, although he would prefer cheese. Another hero is Artemis the golden retriever, who saved two sisters lost in the woods behind their Louisiana home. Over 100 volunteers searched for the missing trio, but it was Artemis’s barks that led rescue personnel to their location, ensuring their safe return home. TTirado is a detection dog who worked tirelessly at the Indianapolis International Airport for eight years. Named after a New York firefighter who died on 9/11, TTirado used his powerful sense of smell to scan luggage and terminals. Upon his retirement, he received a shower of tennis balls to chase. Lastly, a family dog fended off a mountain lion to protect his human family. These animal heroes remind us of the incredible impact animals can have on our lives.

The chances of being attacked by a mountain lion are low, but Erin Wilson and her dog Eva had a close encounter on a Northern California trail. When Eva heard the mountain lion attacking her owner, she bravely fought back, resulting in a fierce battle that took two people to break up. Though Eva unfortunately passed away weeks after the attack, she will always be remembered as a hero for saving her human. In Mississippi, Fred Everitt’s adopted calico cat Bandit saved his life from would-be burglars. Bandit woke Fred up with insistent meows, leading him to discover two armed figures trying to break into his home. Thanks to Bandit’s alertness, they eventually fled. Ethan the cane corso received the Hero Dog Award from American Humane after surviving a harrowing recovery process. After being left for dead in a Kentucky animal shelter’s parking lot, Ethan was adopted by the Callaways and inspired millions with his resilience. Max the Labrador helped rescuers locate his owner and her friend who were lost in George Bush Park in Katy, Texas. With the help of Max’s barks and a K-9 officer, they were found relatively unscathed after three days. Maverick the K-9 officer successfully tracked down a missing child using only the scent from a blanket. His keen sense of smell and training led him to the boy, who was eager to go home. Skipper the Golden Retriever puppy acted like a junior firefighter when he wouldn’t stop making noise one night in his Florida home. His pet parent, Evonne Pugh, discovered that he was trying to alert them to a grill fire outside. Thanks to Skipper’s persistence, firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze and a greater crisis was avoided. All of these heroic animals show that sometimes, the ones we rescue end up rescuing us in return.

Chad Mason, a resident of Canton, Ohio, had no idea that adopting a stray pit bull named Bunny would lead to an incredible act of gratitude. After a year of bonding, Chad suffered a stroke and fell to the bathroom floor. In an attempt to get help, he struggled toward the front door and managed to open it. Bunny quickly darted out and ran down the driveway, barking incessantly until a concerned neighbor stopped to investigate. Thanks to Bunny’s quick thinking, Chad received medical attention in time. Ever since that fateful day, Chad and Bunny have continued to be each other’s companions and caretakers.

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