Cute Kittens Seek Assistance at Animal Rescue, Meet Playful Pup Who Brings Joy to Their Lives

If you’re a cat lover, give Love Meow a follow on Facebook! Recently, a rescue shelter welcomed two adorable kittens who required some extra attention and care. Luckily, they encountered a friendly dog who knew how to put a smile on their faces.

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Joyce @kangaroothekitty
While Amber Rose was inspecting the San Jose Animal Care Center and Services for kittens that needed proper care, she stumbled upon a pair of sisters with crusty eyes. These poor kittens were discovered as strays and taken into the shelter at the beginning of this month. They were just around three weeks old and were malnourished, infested with fleas, and had an upper respiratory infection.
At the time, they were the only two remaining kittens in need of rescue, and Amber and her team of volunteers promptly took action to provide them with the necessary assistance.

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Kangaroo the kitty, also known as Coco and Puff, were taken in by Joyce, a dedicated foster parent for Saving Grace Rescue. After receiving care for an infection and getting their faces cleaned up, Joyce provided them with a comfortable and nurturing environment to begin their healing journey. With proper attention, nutrition, and lots of love, the two sisters quickly began to thrive and showed signs of improvement.

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After being cleaned up, all the kittens were feeling content and were ready for some snuggles. However, as their hunger returned, they began to make noise again. One particular kitten named Coco, who had black fur and white mittens, would loudly demand food during mealtime and would not accept any refusals. According to Joyce from kangaroothekitty, Coco is quite vocal and opinionated.

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CocoJoyce’s sister, Puff, a charming tabby cat, would attentively observe Coco as she explored the house and attempt to mimic her every move. Puff was notably more composed but surprisingly resourceful, having mastered the art of utilizing the litter robot. As time passed, the kittens eased into their surroundings and developed a deep affection for their human companions. Their inquisitive nature and playful personality made them constantly seek new friendships to frolic and snuggle with.

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PuffJoyce’s post on Twitter, under the username @kangaroothekitty, tells the story of two kittens named Coco and her sister, who boldly made their way around the house to make friends with everyone, while another foster animal in the same place was just as thrilled to meet them. The post also mentions a rescue dog named Chobani that Joyce had taken in two months before the kittens’ arrival. Chobani, a terrier mix estimated to be between 2 to 3 years old, was discovered outside while pregnant.

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ChobaniJoyce, a Twitter user, shared her heartwarming experience with HDBnQ Rescue. After successfully raising her puppies with their help, she was finally ready to have a space of her own. However, when she heard the little kittens meowing, her maternal instincts took over, and she was eager to meet and care for them like they were her own.

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Chobani had an adorable encounter with some kittens, and they hit it off immediately. Joyce from kangaroothekitty recounted how Chobani couldn’t help but shower them with affectionate nudges and licks. When the time came for them to meet, Chobani eagerly approached the kittens and gave them lots of love, cleaning their faces as if she were their mother.

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Coco became fast friends with Chobani and they started spending time together. Coco, who was the more adventurous one, began to enjoy spending time with her new canine friend and would even snuggle up to her for extra warmth.

Whenever Chobani was around, Coco would jump onto the couch to hang out with her. Coco would nudge her head against Chobani’s and then curl up next to her or rest in her lap. Puff, who didn’t want to feel excluded, would often join in on the cuddle sessions as well.

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Joyce, who goes by the handle @kangaroothekitty on social media, witnesses a heartwarming scene when Chobani lays down on her side. The two kittens she cares for nuzzle her belly and begin comfort-nursing, purring blissfully as they knead with their paws. Chobani has taken to her role as their surrogate mother, offering them pacifiers and serving as their cozy naptime pillow.

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Joyce from Kangaroo The Kitty reported that Coco and Puff are now comfort-nursing on Chobani, a dog who is more than happy to oblige their cuddly needs. These adorable kittens, who were previously ill, have experienced a complete recovery and have grown in both size and confidence. They are being nurtured by a foster family who will prepare them for their permanent home, while also enjoying the attention of their doting canine mother.

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