“She Huddled Underneath the Car, Covered in Wounds and Begging for Assistance”

On a typical day, Nur Hamizah Had was going about her business when she stumbled upon a peculiar looking cat hiding under a car. Upon closer inspection, she couldn’t believe her eyes – the cat was extremely ill and appeared to be seeking assistance. It was a miracle that the feline was still breathing, given the extent of its wounds and fungal infections. Nur noticed that one of its limbs was severely injured and could potentially require amputation. As someone who adores animals, particularly felines, Nur felt compelled to take action and try to nurse the cat back to health before it was too late.

Nur, who had the kind heart to help a street cat, successfully lured the feline into a container. The experience also revealed how much the undernourished cat reeked. The photo is credited to Nur Hamizah Had’s Facebook account.

Nur Hamizah Had did something unexpected when she stumbled upon a malnourished and dehydrated cat. Instead of turning away, Nur took the cat to a veterinarian for help. The vet discovered that the cat only weighed 2kg and needed immediate assistance. Nur decided to give the cat a forever home and named her Meimei. However, at the time, Nur wasn’t sure if Meimei would survive, but she believed that if the cat made it, it would be a sign that she was meant to live and that she would take care of her for the rest of her life.

The photo credit goes to Nur Hamizah Had, as seen on Facebook.

Nur Hamizah Had shared a heartwarming story about her cat Meimei on Facebook, which involved taking the feline to the vet and receiving a list of instructions to help improve its health. It wasn’t an overnight process, but after six months of love, care, and dedication, Meimei made an impressive transformation. Now, a year later, the once-sickly cat boasts a beautiful, snow-white coat, is much more confident, and even has a little extra weight to show for her better health. While still shy around strangers, Meimei has become a loving and snuggly companion to those she knows and trusts. The journey took time, but it was all worth it to see Meimei thrive.

Nur Hamizah Had, a Facebook user, shared a photo of her cat named Meimei who has fully recovered from an illness. Meimei’s fur is now snow-white and she is in good health.

The photo credit goes to Nur Hamizah Had, as seen on Facebook.

The image has been kindly provided by Nur Hamizah Had, as seen on her Facebook page.

With credit to Facebook user Nur Hamizah Had, it’s clear that Meimei has found herself living a life of luxury as a cherished indoor cat receiving all the attention and pampering she could ever need.

The image credit goes to Nur Hamizah Had, as seen on Facebook.

The image credit goes to Nur Hamizah Had, as shown on Facebook.

The picture credit goes to Nur Hamizah Had, as per the Facebook post.

Nur Hamizah Had and Meimei express immense happiness and gratitude for discovering each other, as per a photo shared by Nur Hamizah Had on Facebook.

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