Feline Friends Spring to Life at the Sound of Food Cracking Open

When Sam Mannell started fostering a litter of kittens for SPCA New Zealand, she was excited to witness their growth and experience all the milestones with them. These 3-week-old kittens are still very small and just starting to comprehend the world around them. Mannell feeds them from a bottle and although they can be a bit shy, they are also beginning to play. According to Mannell, each kitten has their own unique personality. The gray one is particularly timid and small, while the cream female is quite feisty. The ginger kitten is very independent and the black one seems to think it’s human.

Mannell’s house has been an exciting playground for the four adorable kittens. Recently, they stumbled upon her couch and couldn’t resist climbing all over it. After a while, they grew tired from all the adventure and drifted off to sleep, cuddled up together. With the kittens finally taking a nap, Mannell saw an opportunity to grab a snack. However, she had only just begun to enjoy her chocolate bar when the furry friends stirred from their slumber.

Suddenly, the quartet of kittens sprung to life.

As soon as the crinkle of the chocolate wrapper filled the air, the young felines all perked up and opened their eyes in unison. Even at their tender age, these clever kittens had already learned to recognize the sounds of food being prepared. They gazed longingly at the tempting treat until it became clear that their human companion, Mannell, had no intention of sharing his snack with them.

As per Mannell’s account, the group dozed off right away. This allowed Mannell to relish her snack and have some solitary moments until they woke up and resumed their adventure.

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