When the duck spots its furry pal weighing 153 pounds, it flaps its wings in pure joy!

It’s quite fascinating to witness the bond between Jessie’s 153-pound pooch Biss and a teeny-weeny duck called Olee. In just a month of being together, Olee started following Biss everywhere like his own shadow.

Olee eagerly waited by the window of Biss’ room, refusing to budge until his dear friend finally emerged. Once Biss made an appearance, Olee’s wings fluttered with excitement. On occasions, Jessie witnessed the two buddies swimming together in the pool. Olee dove and splashed around while even climbing onto Biss’ back, who simply floated without any worries.

Biss is a chilled-out canine who takes everything in stride, while Olee is a confident and authoritative dog who sees himself as the top duck. Jessie was initially impressed by how at ease they were around each other, as they frolicked together in the yard and Olee eagerly chased after Biss during their game of fetch.

It was quite surprising to see how gentle Biss was with a small and delicate being. Despite spending a year and a half together, the bond between them remains unbreakable. Moreover, their house houses several other animals where Olee tends to be more possessive than Biss. Jessie has been thoroughly enjoying reading a story about two best friends to them, unaware that it is based on their friendship.

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