Meet the Adorable Sphynx Cat with a Unique Neurological Condition Resembling a Bat

Upon stumbling upon a video of Lucy and her Sphynx siblings, Zilla Bergamini immediately fell in love with the unique kitten. Unlike her littermates, Lucy had an adorable and distinct appearance, which caught Zilla’s attention. Soon after, Lucy was taken to a veterinarian and diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a rare neurological condition that causes fluid buildup in the brain. Despite the vet’s recommendation against surgery, over a year has passed since the diagnosis, and Lucy is thriving under the loving care of her owner.

Zilla had to wait for three days before bringing her adopted pet cat, Lucy, home from a friend. She utilized this time to research about hydrоcephalus and related health issues in cats, and also prepared for Lucy’s arrival. Zilla mentioned that she read extensively about hydrоcephalus and its possible outcomes. She even looked for the best veterinarian neurological center in the country and set up a fund to pay for Lucy’s surgery or medication if needed.

Lucy was only two months old when she arrived at her new home in Haifa, Israel. Zilla already had two rescue cats taken from animal shelters and was nervous about Lucy’s neurological condition. However, she was excited to bring her in despite the uncertain future.

When Lucy was first brought home by her new family, she cried non-stop and hadn’t had a bowel movement for several days. Zilla, her owner, took her to the vet who diagnosed her with needing eye drops for life and suggested that Lucy was probably hiding her bowel movements. However, Zilla was still concerned and decided to take Lucy to a different veterinarian. This vet discovered that Lucy had not had a bowel movement in several days and needed immediate care. After this was sorted, Lucy had some digestive issues and had to wear a baby diaper while being held by Zilla. Through all of this, a special bond was formed between Lucy and her owner. Lucy’s eyes were also fixed by an amazing veterinarian who discovered that her skull had grown in an unusual shape due to her hydrоcephalus. Now, Lucy doesn’t need eye drops and is doing much better.

Looking ahead to the present day, the cute little bat girl is doing exceptionally well. However, Zilla keeps a watchful eye on her, as even minor health issues may necessitate immediate professional attention. Fortunately, this doesn’t interfere with Lucy’s ability to live her life to the fullest – playing, cuddling, and observing birds while perched on the windowsill. The owner of Lucy claims that she enjoys socializing and interacting with people. “She likes going outside,” Zilla revealed to the press. “She sits in a stroller or a bag and takes in the sights. Whenever we go out, she tries to sneak into one of them.”

Lucy, while requiring more medical attention than the average cat, is thriving according to Zilla who spoke with Love Meow. Despite being more fragile than other cats, this is not always a death sentence, as pets can have disabilities and still live happy lives. People often assume that cats with neurological conditions like Lucy’s require expensive brain surgeries, leading to euthanasia for those who cannot afford it. However, Lucy serves as proof that this is not always necessary. Lucy is now a social media sensation with over 22k Instagram followers and counting. People are falling in love with her and leaving sweet comments under her photos.

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