“Feline’s Lifelong Wish Fulfilled: From Stray to Indoor Bliss with Adorable Kitten Companion”

A feline that spent her entire existence longing for a roof over her head is now experiencing the ultimate life of luxury with her offspring.

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The heartwarming story of Remille the cat and Hardy the kitten began when a compassionate family who lived on a remote farm near Montreal, Canada, started discovering abandoned cats around their property. They went beyond their means to take in these felines and provide them with the care they needed. However, the number of cats kept increasing, and it became challenging for them to provide adequate attention to all of them. They contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal to seek assistance as some cats had health issues, while others were injured from fights.
Celine Crom, a representative of Chatons Orphelins Montréal, revealed that Julie, an animal rescuer, stepped up to help when she heard about the situation. While rescuing the cats, Julie noticed that one of them had a cloudy eye and was covered in mats. This is where the story of Remille the cat and Hardy the kitten begins.

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With the assistance of humane traps, Julie successfully saved all the cats and kittens and brought them to Chatons Orphelins Montréal. To her surprise, some of the cats were found to be pregnant, including the feline with an opaque eye. Before being sent to foster care, they were all given medical treatment and care.

Among the rescued cats was a long-haired one dubbed as Remille. She was severely underweight, weighing only 1.3 kg and appeared malnourished.

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Once Remille was brought inside, she became a very loving cat. After her coat was untangled and cleaned up, she felt like a new cat and started purring non-stop. Although Remille had an ulcer on one of her eyes and tested positive for FIV, she still craved affection and attention from her caretakers. Within just a few days of being indoors, Remille gained a significant amount of weight and showed off her true personality.

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The Montreal Orphan Kittens organization recently shared the story of a tabby cat named Remille who went through a tough time before finally finding joy and happiness. According to Celine, one of the volunteers, Remille had to rest and regain her strength before becoming active again. She had a strong appetite for food and affection, which her foster mom provided generously. After receiving pampering and love, Remille started to enjoy life and have fun again.

One evening, Remille went into labor and gave birth to four kittens. Unfortunately, three of them were severely underweight and could not survive despite the team’s best efforts. Only the biggest kitten, Hardy, made it through.

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Check out this adorable video featuring Remille and her kitten from Chatons Orphelins Montréal. Despite being just six weeks old, the little guy is already the strongest and heaviest of the litter. While he’s still nursing and taking his bottle, everything seems to be going well for him. Don’t miss out on this heartwarming display of maternal love!

At 10 months old, Remille is grateful for the support in raising her kitten, Hardy, since she’s still a young cat herself. She takes care of him by keeping him clean and showing him how to have fun.

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The Montreal Orphan Kittens have a bundle of joy in their hands! This little kitten has brought light into the home since transitioning indoors. She loves to play with her feather toys and follow her fellow kitten around. When she’s done playing, she’ll come up to her humans for some cuddles and affection. Her owner, Celine, says that she even coos and chirps while talking to them. This adorable kitten is full of life and love.

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Remille is currently coaching her adorable little kitten on how to be a proper cat. Hardy, the lone kitten, has become quite energetic and inquisitive lately. He’s now able to groom himself and enjoys playing by copying his mother’s actions. Remille spends her days instructing the tabby boy on the ropes, while at night she allows him to comfort-nurse on her.

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At Chatons Orphelins Montréal, Remille was finally able to escape the harsh realities of surviving in the outdoors. It took months of struggling, but now Remille can enjoy being a kitten again in a secure and caring home where love and spoiling are plentiful.

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