“The Story of a Resilient Feline: From Elbow-less Kitten to Mighty Kangaroo Cat”

Upon arrival at the shelter in April 2016, a kitten and her two siblings were observed to have an abnormality. According to Marnie Russ, caretaker and specialist in special needs, the kitten was significantly smaller than her siblings and demonstrated unusual walking. An x-ray confirmed that the kitten, named Rоо, was born without elbow joints. Marnie took Rоо home to give her the care she needed and quickly developed a deep affection for her.

Little Roo is now a happy and fluffy cat, eight months after she was rescued. Despite her disability, she has learned to use her front legs like any other feline would. Her shorter gait is the only indication that something is different with her. Little Roo has been able to raise thousands of dollars for the organization that saved her, the National Kitten Coalition. She is giving back in her own unique way, without even realizing it.

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