“Four-Eared, One-Eyed Kitty Finds Forever Home and Escapes Misery Through Rescue Efforts”

Allow me to introduce you to Frankie, also known as Frankenkitten. You may have already noticed that Frankie is quite unique. He has four ears and unfortunately had to have one of his eyes removed. Despite his physical differences, if you were to tell him he doesn’t fit in with the norm, he probably wouldn’t understand what you meant. After facing many challenges, Frankie has adapted well to living in this big world, and his foster family is always there to lend a helping hand when he feels overwhelmed.

Georgi Anderson, the owner of Frankie, shared with Bored Panda that Frankie was born to a feral mother under a suburban house. Frankie was discovered with one surviving sibling, but there may have been more who did not make it. The homeowners who found Frankie and his brother took them in for a few weeks to socialize and fatten them up before bringing them to a shelter for medical care and rehoming.

Frankie’s most noticeable feature is his four ears. However, he also has a large overbite that gives his face an angular appearance. When he was brought into the shelter, Frankie had two eyes, but one had ruptured and required removal. Additionally, he has joint problems in his hind legs that cause his knees to sit improperly, making him walk splay-legged and causing his knees to frequently slide in and out of place.

Due to his overbite, Frankie’s lower canines were breaking through the roof of his mouth, and he needs surgery to stabilize his knee joints. Georgi explained that she is currently saving money for that operation because it is quite expensive. Frankie has already undergone dental work to cut his lower canines down to just a few millimeters above the gum line.

By removing his eye, Frankie was able to avoid a fatal infection that would have caused sepsis. Thankfully, he is now doing well and enjoying a wonderful life.

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