Don’t Fret, Little One: Trust that Things Will Work Out!

Meet Baby Winston, a podenco who was originally trained for hunting. Unfortunately, his previous owner no longer wanted him and we’re unsure how he ended up with a broken jaw on both sides. Despite his past, Winston still has a bright future ahead of him! However, he needs a jaw surgery to properly enjoy his life. Let’s help give Winston the chance to live his best life by donating towards his surgery as soon as possible.

At just four months old, poor Winston had already suffered through unimaginable pain and neglect. As a hunting dog, he was seen as nothing more than a disposable tool by his previous owner. But to us, he is a precious treasure in need of care and compassion. Thanks to our assistance, Winston will make a full recovery following his surgery.

Winston is currently in the middle of a surgical procedure. Despite the presence of necrotic tissue in his mouth that may cause complications after the operation, he is eager to proceed. Let’s show our support by crossing our fingers and lighting some candles. This process is lengthy and challenging.

Great news! Winston is in excellent health after undergoing a lengthy and intricate procedure. The medical team conducted thorough examinations to ensure that everything is progressing as it should be. Winston is now happily exploring the hospital with no signs of infection. Today, he was put under anesthesia for a more comprehensive check-up, and it was confirmed that he is doing well. Way to go, Winston!

The little doggo seems to be handling his current situation pretty well and has adapted to the clinic environment where he is receiving his post-surgery treatment. Winston’s recovery is going great and I can’t wait for him to be able to join us at the Great House soon!

Winston has been discharged from the hospital and has settled into his new home, the Big House. He’s now able to frolic and discover the area just like any other pup. Watching him relish in his new environment is truly a joy.

It is our wish that this marks the beginning of a series of exciting experiences for him! We are truly grateful to you for enabling this to happen.

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