Discover the Story of a Stray, Blind Cat Who Found Love and a Home

Cassandra discovered that Carmina and Jose Maria, who worked alongside her at The Paw Protector, had recently saved a tiny kitten, just two months old and blind, from the streets of Granada. Upon learning of the feline’s dire need for specialized medical attention, Cassandra quickly volunteered to assist in any way she could.

According to Cassandra, who has been taking care of kittens since 2016 and now focuses on cats with visual impairments, she and Carmina chose to bring the kitten with them to Barcelona so he could receive the necessary medical attention and find a permanent home. Cassandra believes that disabled kittens are often ignored for adoption, so she has decided to concentrate more on their care.

The Siamese kitten with blind flame point markings was rescued, but unfortunately, he soon showed signs of panleukopenia. This virus is extremely contagious and has a low survival rate for young cats. To ensure the kitten’s well-being, Carmina and Jose Maria decided to keep him in Granada until he had fully recovered. Cassandra was heartbroken and cried, fearing that the kitten would not make it. However, Carmina and Jose Maria acted quickly and provided excellent care which led to the kitten’s full recovery and defeat of the illness.

The adorable blind kitten who had overcome panleukopenia faced another challenge as he began tilting his head, only to be diagnosed with an ear infection. Through weeks of treatment and care, the fluffy feline regained his strength to journey to Cassandra’s home in Barcelona on December 9th, 2020. Sadly, the following day brought new health concerns as the kitten was immobile, had a runny nose, and a high fever, leading to a diagnosis of severe cat flu, respiratory tract infection, and mouth sores. Cassandra acted quickly, seeking veterinary care for the little fighter.

In the following days, the kitten with special needs experienced a significant drop in weight and had difficulty breathing. He also became unable to use the litter box without the help of his foster mother. Concerned about his health, Cassandra feared for his life once again. To keep him warm, she placed him on her chest throughout the night during his worst bout of illness. A friend even commented that he resembled the dragon from “The NeverEnding Story” due to his weakened state.

Cassandra named her little kitten after Falkor, the white luckdragon from the 1984 fantasy film. She chose the name because Falkor was known for being wise, optimistic, and lucky. Cassandra hoped that her kitten would be just as fortunate and able to overcome his illnesses. Fortunately, Falkor the kitten eventually recovered, and Cassandra was overjoyed and relieved.

Cassandra fondly recalls how Falkor gradually improved with medication, care, and love. Slowly, his true personality started to shine through. He even began playing with her hand until one day he was well enough to jump out of bed and make his way to the litter box.

After going through a difficult period, Falkor was able to fully heal. Cassandra was so attached to the extraordinary cat that she decided to adopt him. Even though Falkor’s health had significantly improved a few months later, he still had trouble with frequent eye infections that caused him to have tear, blood, and pus secretions from his eyes.

Cassandra employed a combination of antibiotics and hot compresses to fight Falkor’s infections and keep his eye area free from dirt. Nevertheless, she recognized that the most effective long-term approach was to have surgery and completely remove Falkor’s eyes, then stitch up the openings. Cassandra stated that by prioritizing Falkor’s health with a balanced diet, probiotics, and regular veterinary check-ups, they were preparing for the day he had his eyes surgically removed (known as enucleation).

Back in March 2021, Falkor went under the knife to get one of his eyes removed. Thankfully, he made a complete recovery from the procedure. However, just two months later, he had to go through the same process again for his remaining eye.

The adorable blind kitty in the Instagram picture, belonging to @bendita.maldita, is living his life to the fullest. Due to contracting herpes virus at birth or shortly after, the cat has never been able to see. However, Cassandra explains that blind cats possess unique abilities to perceive their surroundings through their ears, whiskers, and noses. In just a few days of exploring their new environment, they create a perfect mental map and move around with ease.

Cassandra has taken care of many blind cats and she knows that they can live joyful and energetic lives. However, some people still pity them. They have a misconception that blind cats do not move, play or feel disoriented. But Cassandra disagrees with this belief.

In between his meals, Falkor enjoys romping around Cassandra’s home with his adoptive sister Camilla. Despite being blind, he fearlessly climbs and jumps on the couch after playfully digging up the dirt in Cassandra’s beloved houseplants. Cassandra admires Falkor’s courage and calls him one of the bravest cats she has ever encountered. She notes that when there is a noise, he runs to investigate, completely unaware of his visual impairment. Falkor’s adventurous spirit earns him the title of an “off road cat.”

The adorable kitten named Falkor had a rough beginning. Fortunately, he was rescued by Carmina and Jose Maria who found him on the streets, sick and blind and saved him from certain death. With the help of skilled medical professionals and his caring mom, Falkor is now doing well. He has touched the lives of many people in the past year but his inspiring spirit has impacted Cassandra the most.

Cassandra describes the cat in the image, who has undergone suffering, as a gentle and compassionate feline that displays courage and appreciation. She proudly states that he is the happiest cat on earth and symbolizes perseverance and resilience to her. The picture is taken from @bendita.maldita’s Instagram page.

If you want to get to know this charming feline better, just head over to Instagram and follow Falkor’s account, which is managed by @bendita.maldita.

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