Heart-wrenching Scene of Dog with Multiple Ailments Leaves Many in Tears.

Three weeks ago, a puppy named Rocco was discovered in a dire state on the side of a road in Seville. His rescuers quickly brought him to our hospital for immediate care and treatment. Upon examination, we found out that Rocco was suffering from four serious illnesses, namely leptospirosis, anaplasmosis, leishmaniasis, and filariasis, which is also commonly referred to as heartworm sickness. However, we are happy to report that Rocco’s health has significantly improved since he arrived at our facility, and we are excited to share with you the latest update on his progress.

Observing Rocco’s recovery fills us with appreciation for the incredible work done by animal rescue groups, including our own. We are a Spanish-based organisation that is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating animals in distress. Our team strives to save animals who have been abandoned or mistreated by individuals who exhibit no empathy or compassion towards these innocent beings.

We share our animal rescue efforts on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, showcasing the steps we take to rescue animals, provide them with medical attention, and help them recover from their traumas. We feel proud of what we do and are grateful for the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of these creatures.

Although our videos are straightforward, they have managed to capture the hearts of countless individuals across the globe. The overwhelming feedback from the public has been incredible and has served as a driving force for us to continue our mission of saving animals that require assistance. Nonetheless, we’re facing financial difficulties, which is a common problem among other animal rescue groups.

The current year has been a challenging one, particularly for our organization. Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its effects on European economies, families are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, this has resulted in decreases in donations to us and other animal care organizations, making it difficult for us to provide proper care to the animals we rescue. Nevertheless, we remain dedicated to our cause and will persist in rehabilitating and rescuing these animals.

We understand that a lot of our loyal followers have been supporting us for over ten years and are facing tough times themselves. It’s not easy for us to ask for your help, but we must do it for the sake of the animals that depend on us. We need to look after them, but we can’t do it alone. Please think about making a contribution to our charity, no matter how small it may be. With your support, we can keep making an impact and saving more lives.

We understand that times may be tough for many people and that donating may not be possible. However, there are other ways in which you can contribute. You could help us by sharing our videos on social media, discussing our organisation with your loved ones, and volunteering your time to support our cause. Each animal we rescue serves as a powerful reminder of the crucial role played by animal welfare organisations. We have first-hand experience of the impact we can make on these precious creatures’ lives when we have the necessary resources and support. The animals we save are not just animals; they are sentient beings deserving of love, care, and compassion.

Rocco’s amazing recovery showcases how collaborating can help save lives even in the most dire situations. We are incredibly thankful for your assistance and we anticipate your continued support as we strive to change the lives of vulnerable animals.

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