“Feline’s Folly: Hair Tie Retrieval Leads to Surprising Discovery of Cat’s Secret Stash”

Since she was a kitten, Aloe has never been interested in typical cat toys. Instead, she prefers to play with her hair knots, which rank among her favorite things. Aloe is a happy cat as long as she has her hair ties.

A͏l͏o͏e͏’s mother came across her daughter lying on the floor with her paw out, apparently trying to retrieve something that had gotten caught under the washing machine. She walked over to help, thinking it was just a hair tie, but instead she made a surprising discovery.

Anne Tam, the mother of Aloe, shared with The Dodo that she thought her daughter had a single hair tie stuck under her washing machine. So, she improvised and used a clothes hanger to retrieve it. However, to her surprise, almost 30 hair ties came out from under the machine.

Anne Tam accidentally revealed her hidden supply of hair ties when she signaled for assistance. Although this wasn’t her intended outcome, she also enjoyed having them all in front of her like that. Ultimately, everything turned out for the best.

Anne Tam expressed that when Aloe observed them, she seemed to be in paradise. She sat there and stared for a second, then began pawing at all of the birds, causing some of them to fly back underneath the washer. It was quite an amusing sight to witness.

Anne Tam’s credit is acknowledged.

Naturally, just because Aloe’s mom found her stash doesn’t mean she’ll stop hoarding hair ties. They are her most prized possessions, and as long as they’re lying around the house, she’ll find a way to play with them and hide them away.

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