“An Epic Tale of a 3-Year-Long Search: Beloved 18-Year-Old Pup Returns and Reunites with Overjoyed Owners”

It’s a heartwarming story of a family getting reunited with their elderly dog, after three long years. Binky, aka Mr. B, who is now 18-years-old, was found wandering on the streets by a kind person who then took him to Dorchester Paws, an animal shelter in South Carolina. Thankfully, the family was able to locate their beloved pet and bring him back home.

When Binky arrived at the shelter, he was not in good shape. He had long nails, decaying teeth, matted fur, was underweight, and was infested with fleas. After making a post on Facebook, the shelter gave him a necessary shave, checked him out, and provided him with essential medical care.
During the cleanup process, they stumbled upon a microchip and decided to scan it to identify his owner. To their surprise, they found out that Binky had been missing for three years!

The animal shelter Dorchester Paws shared that they were devastated when they couldn’t find Binky, who had gone missing for three years. They had done everything they could to locate him and just wanted to scan him for identification. The volunteers had been eagerly waiting for the day when they could reunite Binky with his family. Finally, the long-awaited call came and Binky was found. A kind-hearted volunteer transported him six hours away to his home where his family was waiting for him.

After going through a challenging journey, Mr. B can finally relax and live peacefully with the family who rescued him from a shelter a long time ago. Despite being old in dog years, we believe that Binky will be happy spending the rest of his life with his loving family.

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