Abandoned Pregnant Pooch Left in Dilapidated Cage, Saved from Grim Fate at Shelter.

A few days back, a clinic in Durant, Oklahoma found a pregnant dog left behind in a worn-out crate. As her origin was unknown, the clinic called the nearby animal shelter. However, due to overcrowding, the shelter couldn’t accommodate her and had decided to euthanize her last Friday.

In a situation where there was only an hour left to live, a group of caring individuals and a volunteer from Dallas came to the rescue of a dog. Although they were successful in saving the dog’s life, it was evident that something was wrong as the dog continued to vomit and refused to rest. Quick-thinking volunteers took the dog to an emergency veterinary clinic, where they were faced with a substantial bill. As a result, they reached out to Dallas Dog RRR for assistance with the increasing costs.

Hurry up! Anna is in dire need of a miracle! She was fortunate to escape the shelter’s euthanasia list with only an hour left to spare. However, Anna and her fifteen (or potentially more) babies are facing a significant risk. She has recently started vomiting, and considering her petite size and all those little ones, the situation has become tremendously critical. Unfortunately, we are unaware of her due date, and lactation hasn’t started yet. Please help Anna and her babies as soon as possible!

On the arrival of Monday, Alma Animal Hospital staff and three Dog RRR volunteers were greeted with a plethora of adorable puppies. The team didn’t waste any time and quickly got to work. Anna was put under anesthesia, and a C-section was performed. To everyone’s surprise, Anna had a whopping 15 puppies in her uterus, and all of them were healthy and full-term. Although some were slightly smaller than others, the team was overjoyed to welcome them all into the world.

Anna was in a frail state, causing concern for her well-being. The team of helpers were entrusted with the task of tending to the newborn puppies. Their duties included massaging the little creatures, using suction to clear their airways, keeping them warm and ensuring they were able to breathe. It was a collaborative effort as everyone pitched in, putting all their effort into saving these tiny lives. It was an emotionally challenging day, filled with moments of hope and despair.

Regrettably, out of the litter of 15, seven newborns could not make it. On a positive note, Mama Anna and her pups are in good health. Anna is gradually gaining consciousness and getting familiar with her little ones. To commemorate this tender moment, we have attached a picture capturing Anna’s first interaction with her offspring.

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