The Reign of a Miniature Blind Kitten in Her Abode

Upon bringing Ethel home, foster mom Nicole immediately recognized that this little kitten with special needs would require a lot of tender care and affection. Ethel was born without sight and suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the brain. This causes her head to be slightly larger than that of a normal kitten, and as a result, she tilts her head back slightly.

Upon her arrival at Nicole’s place, the poor little thing was so tiny that she barely weighed a pound and could fit in the palm of Nicole’s hand. She was not eating adequately and suffering from dehydration. Nicole had to give her supplements and plenty of fluids to keep her hydrated, but it was nerve-wracking to think if she would survive.

As time passed, the little one grew stronger and managed to reach a weight of 1 pound. It was then that her true personality began to emerge, making her the reigning princess of her home. Despite her blindness, Ethel quickly learned to navigate her surroundings and developed a love for exploring and climbing, much to the delight (and occasional concern) of her foster mother.

Nicole’s adorable pet Ethel always loves being in the spotlight and is often called “little diva” by her owner. But one beautiful day, Ethel expressed her happiness to her beloved mom by purring for the very first time while cuddled up on her shoulder. Nicole was overjoyed and her heart melted at the sweet sound of her furry friend’s contentment.

Similar to most kittens, Ethel thoroughly enjoys playing, especially with her scrunchy balls and Nicole’s hair! It is quite remarkable how much Ethel has progressed since initially arriving at Nicole’s place; her appetite and energy levels have been progressively increasing with each passing day.

It’s simply not feasible to not adore this uniquely charming feline.

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