The Power of Love: How Siblings of Disabled Kittens Defy All Odds

The Love of Siblings Can Work Wonders for Disabled Kittens

Few years ago, there lived a stray cat named Able Maew who struggled to survive on the streets of Lat Prao, Thailand. Unfortunately, Able suffered a terrible accident that caused him to lose his tail and two front legs, making it hard for him to adjust to his new condition. However, he was fortunate enough to be rescued by some compassionate individuals who gave him a permanent home. Today, he lives in a loving environment and has amassed an impressive Instagram following of nearly 175,000 people.

Able Maew suffered from injuries due to an unfortunate accident. He was in pursuit of a bird on the roof of an apartment building when he fell and landed on a transformer. This resulted in severe electrocution, burns, and left him on the brink of death.

Although he managed to survive an electric shock, his legs and tail suffered severe damage that couldn’t be repaired. Thankfully, a compassionate resident brought him to her house, where she provided care and raised funds for his operation.

Able Maew, after undergoing a difficult surgery, is finally adjusting to his new life. Despite the long and painful recovery process, Able is content with his current situation. Being a practicing cat for five years has helped him become comfortable with his current state. He now has the same amount of mobility as any healthy, four-legged feline.

Meet Able Maew and his sister FinFin, who unfortunately is unable to move her back legs due to paralysis. But that doesn’t stop her from being playful and fast like her brother. She has developed a unique way of moving around by shifting her paralyzed legs and using her front legs to get where she wants to go.

Despite their disabilities, these two rescue cats love running, jumping, playing, and wrestling with each other just like any other energetic feline duo. Fortunately, they don’t have to worry about their next meal as they are both lucky enough to have been rescued and cared for.

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