“Street Style Spotlight: The Timeless Beauty of Angelina Jolie”

Angelina Jolie flaunted her stunning beauty in a long, flowing dress while walking with her two daughters on the streets of Rome, Italy on July 3. The Hollywood star is currently in Italy to direct her latest film, Without Blood. Over the years, Angelina Jolie has established herself as a confident director, having directed a range of movies such as By the Sea, First They Killed My Father, and In the Land of Blood and Honey. She brought her children along during the shoot and was recently seen shopping with her daughter Zahara. Angelina Jolie donned a luxurious dress from Alberta Ferretti worth over 30 million VND and looked gorgeous even without elaborate makeup. During their stroll, Angelina Jolie and her children stopped by several food and souvenir shops, enjoying the experience together.

Angelina Jolie is beautiful and stands out on the street - Picture 1

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The stunning Angelina Jolie is frequently seen out and about with her children, as she likes to travel around the world. The actress, who is famous for her role in the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, revealed in an American TV interview that she and her children enjoy living in different parts of the world. She explained, “I don’t like staying in one place for too long, I prefer to keep moving.”

Angelina emphasized that her preference for travel is not just hers, but her children’s as well. She said, “If my kids ever complain about our lifestyle, I will listen to them. However, at the moment, they really enjoy going to new places. If we stay in one location for more than two months, they start asking why we can’t fly somewhere else.”

The actress also mentioned how her children love to explore and travel and that they always try to make themselves comfortable wherever they go. She added that being a big family with numerous siblings, her children never have to travel alone and miss their friends. She said, “We are fortunate to have friends all over the world because of our travels.”

Angelina Jolie is beautiful and stands out on the street - Picture 2

Angelina Jolie, who has six children, opened up about her life as a single mother in a recent interview with People magazine. The 47-year-old actress admitted that she is not a perfect parent and often questions her decisions. She also spoke about how her children influence each other and how she tries to help them develop their abilities. Jolie revealed that during the Covid-19 epidemic, she discovered that she lacked certain skills as an “at-home” mother, but was lucky that her children were resilient and always ready to help. She believes that only her children can truly understand who she is.

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