Recurring Bravery: A Mother’s Persistent Efforts to Rescue Her Young from the Fire

Every mother, whether human or animal, understands the strength of the innate instinct to shield their offspring from harm. This duty of protection is primarily entrusted to mothers, as babies of all kinds depend on them for safety and care. Yet, these tiny beings are often unaware of the constant vigilance exercised by their mothers, who watch over them with unwavering devotion, allowing them to flourish and mature under their loving guidance. However, what many may not realize is that a mother’s instinctual need to protect her young can override her own self-preservation in times of danger. A courageous mother feline recently demonstrated this fact and proved that maternal love knows no bounds.

@CityNewsYEG, represented by Christine Kolton from Furget Me Not Animal Rescue, shared screenshots revealing the heroic actions of a mother cat during a barn fire. The feline, who was partially wild, had been given home at the farm to reduce the rodent population. Unfortunately, a fire broke out while her kittens were having lunch, putting their lives in grave danger. Despite the danger, the mother cat repeatedly ran into the flames in an attempt to save her offspring. However, only one kitten, with a black coat and white paws, survived the incident.

The screenshots posted by @CityNewsYEG show that even the mother of the kittens affected by the fire was not spared. She had burnt paw pads, singed fur all over her body, and suffered from smoke inhalation. Unfortunately, the owners couldn’t afford her medical expenses and decided to surrender her to a local animal shelter in Edmonton called Furget Me Not Animal Rescue. In another incident, a kitten was heard crying in pain after the fire was extinguished. The poor little one was badly burned and in agony. A biker who happened to be nearby rescued the kitten and put it in his vest. Despite already being full, the animal shelter didn’t hesitate to help these survivors in need.

The screenshots were provided by @CityNewsYEG. The courageous mother and her only surviving kitten were gladly accepted into the foster program where they received an abundance of love, care, and attention. Although the journey to recovery was not going to be easy for the partially wild mother, there was hope that her heart would soften as her body healed.

@CityNewsYEG – Christine Kolton of Furget Me Not Animal Rescue provided the screenshots. The initial priority was to alleviate the mother’s excruciating pain. After that, medical professionals conducted an x-ray to determine the degree of smoke inhalation and potential harm to her lungs. Following that, she was given antibiotics, sedated, and her injuries were tended to.

The upcoming weeks will require administering medication and ointments to treat the burns every 8 hours while the affected areas of her ears and paw pads peel off. @furgetmenotyeg has assisted numerous cats and kittens during this challenging year, but they refused to abandon her when she needed help.

@CityNewsYEG provided screenshots for this content. The tiny family needs medical attention to stabilize their health. Once they have fully recovered and the baby has grown, they will need to undergo spaying/neutering, vaccination, and microchipping before they can find their forever homes. We wish the mama cat a speedy recovery and hope that she and her baby will find a safe and loving forever home together.

Take a look at the courageous mother cat in the video below, captured by @furgetmenotyeg. You can find more information about her at If you want to support Furget Me Not in helping this brave feline, be sure to follow them on social media. This poor mother cat was in obvious distress, limping to their door with a badly wounded leg and crying out for assistance. Let’s spread the word to all fellow cat lovers and share this inspiring story of a change of heart.

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