“Picture Perfect: Pax Thien Joins Her Mom and Sis for a Fun Photo Shoot”

The October 2023 edition of Vogue magazine features Angelina Jolie on its cover along with her Vietnamese adopted son, Pax Thien, and daughter Zahara. The trio posed for a photo shoot to promote their fashion brand, Atelier Jolie. In the shoot, Jolie donned several alluring outfits, while Zahara wore a graceful white dress and Pax Thien sported his signature style of shirt, pants, and sneakers. Pax Thien also captured behind-the-scenes moments of the shoot with his camera.

Angelina Jolie with Zahara and Pax Thien.  Photo: Vogue

Angelina Jolie has shared that her children, Pax Thien and Zahara, are helping her in the creation of Atelier Jolie, a fashion creative space in Manhattan set to launch in November. Pax is contributing to the space’s decoration while Zahara is assisting in finding an office and location selection. According to Angelina, this project is a family affair. During an interview with Vogue, she proudly showed off a white cloth with the Atelier Jolie logo, which her son had tested. Additionally, Angelina spoke about the significance of motherhood, stating that becoming a mother at the age of 26 altered her entire life and taught her to live differently.

Angelina is seductive in Vogue magazine.

In a recent feature in Vogue magazine, Angelina Jolie was described as having a seductive presence. The 48-year-old actress spoke about how her children have been her guiding purpose during difficult times, including her divorce from Brad Pitt. Jolie shared that her kids were stronger than her and that she always hoped for their safety and stability. She also revealed that she values allowing her children to express themselves through their clothing choices, having never imposed any restrictions on them. Similarly, when it comes to attending events, Jolie gives her children the freedom to decide whether or not they want to participate and what they want to wear.

The single mother of 6 children broke out her white spray-painted dress when she appeared on the cover of a fashion magazine.

Angelina Jolie, a single mother of 6 kids, made a statement when she graced the cover of a fashion magazine wearing a white spray-painted dress. Her brood includes three adopted and three biological children, namely Maddox (22), Pax Thien (19), Zahara (18), Shiloh (17), and twins Knox and Vivienne (15). Following her divorce from Brad Pitt in 2016, Angelina was granted temporary custody of their kids. The family now resides in a stunning $25 million mansion in Los Angeles.

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