“Mona’s Tragic Tale: The Heartbreaking Account of a Cat Shot with an Air Gun”

It’s amazing how a small act of kindness can make a huge difference in a cat’s life. Meet Mona, a feline from the Weekend settlement who was suffering from a tumor on her ear. Fortunately, she was rescued by Cat Shelter Felix just last week when she was in terrible condition. Her pictures were so shocking that Facebook had to cover them up.

During that period, the cat had to undergo surgery as her health deteriorated. Following the operation, she transformed into a warm and affectionate feline that craved human attention and purred contentedly. The extent of her previous suffering could only be speculated upon, as she had hidden away from everyone and been subjected to being shot at with an air rifle, which resulted in parts of her ear disintegrating every time she shook her head.

Just imagine the despair of a lost soul roaming around without a purpose, constantly feeling hunger and discomfort, and having no idea how to alleviate their suffering. Sadly, there are countless individuals in similar situations who have not been as fortunate as this person. By providing aid to street cats and assisting those who are unwell, we can make a positive impact on the world and create a brighter future for all. Although they were aware of the slim chances from the start, they held onto hope that Mona could persevere for a longer period of time. Despite undergoing two surgeries, the results showed what they had anticipated – cancer. Unfortunately, the tumor was so deeply rooted that it could not be fully eliminated.

After the second surgery, the cat developed vestibular syndrome. The owners were prepared for this outcome and were determined to take care of her as long as she lived. Although the cat continued to eat happily and lose weight, her owners took her to Panvet for further testing. Unfortunately, the X-ray revealed that the tumor had destroyed her jawbone, causing it to break in half. Despite her condition, the cat still enjoyed eating, playing, and cuddling with her owners.

However, the situation eventually reached a point where the owners recognized that every day was becoming a struggle for their beloved pet. They made the difficult decision to let her go peacefully to a place where she could be a healthy and happy kitty once again. A place without cages, needles, pills, or collars, where she could indulge in all the gourmet treats she loved.

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