Keeping Fit and Fabulous: Actress Kate Hudson Shares Her Exercise Routine

Kate Hudson takes good care of her skin and body to keep them looking young by regularly engaging in Pilates exercises and using cold stones for skin massages.


Kate Hudson, the stunning U40 celebrity, graces the front page of Shape magazine with a gorgeous, slender physique that deserves praise. In the article, she shares some tips on how she maintains her youthful glow by following a healthy diet and fitness routine.


At 19 years of age, Kate Hudson stumbled upon Pilates and has been devoted to it ever since. She shares that the exercise is a perfect fit for her and helps her maintain good health.


Kate Hudson follows a highly regulated diet plan that emphasizes the consumption of vegetables while reducing meat intake. She also restricts herself from consuming sugar and starch completely.


According to the lovely lady, keeping a youthful appearance boils down to two primary factors: eating healthily and staying physically active.


Kate Hudson is a big fan of cold stone massage for her skin. As part of her daily routine, she uses ice cubes to massage her face after washing it. This technique helps to shrink the cuticle layer of her skin, resulting in tightened pores that are less likely to accumulate sebum and dirt. Moreover, ice can help minimize the appearance of pores, making them look smaller and less noticeable. To tackle large pores in specific areas, Kate recommends rubbing an ice cube on the affected area to reduce their size.


One of her secrets to reducing her waist measurement involves using ice. Cold water can help activate the fat burning process and strengthen connective tissue in the abdomen, leading to firmer skin. To try this out, she recommends rubbing an ice pack on your belly each day. As you rub the ice on your abdomen, your body will have to work harder to neutralize the cold temperature, resulting in more energy being burned and excess fat being reduced.

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