How a Canine Mother’s Instinct Led Her to Hide Her Puppies in a Ditch

A man posted on Facebook that he was planning to give up his dog and her newborn puppies. The community was alarmed by this and immediately took action to ensure that the family received the care and attention they desperately needed. Nana, the mother dog, is four years old and has spent three years tied up outside her home in North Carolina. Unfortunately, her first two litters of puppies did not survive. However, all nine of her third litter survived and were immediately up for adoption by their owner.

In July, a man expressed his intention to give away his dogs through a post. However, some neighbors who knew about the matter took responsibility for the dogs. When Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) learned about the situation, they decided to offer their assistance and contacted Mr. Bones & Co. Rescue.

According to Elli Frank, the founder of Mr. Bones & Co, they were provided with pictures of the living conditions and state of the dog. She stated that they assume the dog moved her puppies to a ditch to protect them from the scorching July heat. The sight of the pictures was heartbreaking.

FFAS made a decision to take care of the lovely family until the pups were mature enough to be transported to New York where Mr. Bones & Co. is located. In the meantime, rescuers from Mr. Bones & Co. regularly visited Nana and her pups in order to boost their confidence and ensure a smooth transition for their journey.

According to Frank, Nana’s owner had bred her twice in the past, but unfortunately, all of her babies except one had passed away. Nana was a very caring mother who had been through a lot of neglect and loss, so they decided to let her know that she was safe and would always be protected under their care at FFAS.

Upon becoming familiar with each of the adorable puppies, a decision was made to assign them names based on the characters from the classic tale of Peter Pan. As a result, the litter was bestowed with the monikers of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily, Wendy, John, Michael, Cubby, Liza, and Jane.

As time passed by, the little pups started growing and becoming stronger. In September, a group of kind-hearted pilots from Pilots N Paws flew Nana and her furry offspring to New Jersey. Once they arrived, Mr. Bones & Co. took over and transported them to their final destination in New York. Despite the long journey, Nana and her litter of pups were finally out of harm’s way and safe.

Upon their arrival, the rescuers promptly delivered the nine Peter Pan pups to their respective foster homes. Nana, on the other hand, was also taken to her new temporary home. The ride to her foster home was a comfortable and secure one for Nana as she received utmost care and affection from her rescuers. She felt relieved and contented after a long period of feeling vulnerable and unprotected.

As we continued to visit her, she began to develop a level of trust in us. Eventually, she entrusted us with finding loving homes for her babies, knowing that they would be taken care of until they were adopted permanently. Frank shared that she felt relieved knowing that she had fulfilled her role and that her babies would survive.

Nana and her little ones are doing great in their individual foster homes and the fosters taking care of Nana are even considering keeping her permanently. It’s amazing to see the puppies growing bigger and stronger every day and everyone involved in their rescue is thrilled with how everything turned out. It was a challenging journey to save them, but now they’re safe and content.

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