From Tough to Tender: How Meeting the Right People Changed a Street Cat’s Personality

Individuals who have a tough exterior may attempt to mask their appealing personalities for various reasons, as evidenced by the story of Orange Boy, or OB, a feral orange cat who lived on the streets of Boston.

Lynne Gramer, a member of the BFF (Boston’s Forgotten Felines) organization, came to the rescue of OB, a stray cat in the city. During one of her feeding rounds for feral cats, she spotted OB and decided to take him in.

When Gramer was introduced to OB, he displayed typical feral cat behavior. OB was extremely defensive and wasn’t receptive to human touch or interaction. In fact, he would hiss at anyone who got too close to him.

Sophie Higgins decided to take action against the growing number of stray animals by catching OB and having him neutered. OB was a wild cat that didn’t seem to be easily domesticated. The vet recommended that Sophie release him back onto the streets after the procedure. Sophie heeded the advice and set OB free, but continued to provide him with food.

One fine day, a feline named OB made an unexpected appearance and did something out of the ordinary. To Gramer’s surprise, Orange Boy gradually approached her and started rubbing against her leg while meowing, almost as if he was requesting permission to enter.

Sophie Higgins shared that Gramer decided to become OB’s foster parent, even though she already had a cat and a small dog. This decision came after seeing how OB reacted to her. It is possible that OB has different personalities within him that he keeps hidden, and being with the right people brought them out.

Sophie Higgins acknowledges how charming and sociable OB is nowadays, making it hard to believe that he was once a stray feline roaming the streets. From his humble beginnings as a Boston street cat, he transformed into an exceptional cuddle companion and a beloved member of the family.


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