Encounter the Gritty Feline Who Overcame a Spinal Gunshot Wound and Found Her Ideal Abode

In November 2017, while feeding the homeless felines in Santiago, Chile, Taramis was visited by a charming ginger and white cat in her yard.

The adorable feline was in dire need of nourishment, prompting Taramis to extend a helping hand by sharing some food. The hungry cat did not waste any time and finished the meal quickly. Taramis recalls how the cat seemed famished and started visiting her yard regularly to satiate her hunger. After a few days, Taramis decided to take the feline to the veterinarian for spaying.

While at the veterinarian’s office, a check-up showed that the cat was approximately a year old and seemed to be in good health. Taramis decided to have the cat spayed and returned her to the location where she was discovered, following the trap-neuter-return method for managing free-roaming cat populations. The cat, whom Taramis affectionately named Fede, was always friendly and loving, leading her to wonder about her past life. However, Taramis acknowledged that she may have had a home before being found.

In the course of a few months, Fede, the cute orange and white cat frequently visited Taramis’s yard to be fed. However, in May 2018, Fede suddenly stopped showing up, causing Taramis to worry. She went out to search for Fede near her home and found the young feline injured and unable to move in her neighbor’s backyard. Shockingly, someone had shot her, and she was struggling to stay alive.

Fede’s owner, Taramis, quickly brought her to the veterinarian after realizing she had been shot. Unfortunately, the vet was unable to remove the bullet from her spine, resulting in paralysis in her hind legs and loss of bladder control. A difficult situation for both Fede and Taramis.

Taramis took responsibility for a cat named Fede who had no owner because she didn’t want her to be euthanized. Despite having no experience in caring for a paralyzed or incontinent cat, Taramis quickly learned how to provide the necessary care for Fede. Now, over four years later, Fede is thriving and living a great life despite her disabilities. She still loves to run around and play, enjoys stealing her dog siblings’ food, and cuddling with Taramis. Fede’s affectionate nature makes her a wonderful companion and Taramis is happy she took on the responsibility of caring for her.

@fede_lalisiada’s Instagram account features an adorable cat named Fede who requires some special attention. According to Taramis, Fede’s owner, the cat’s bladder needs to be expressed three times a day, which means she cannot leave the house all day. When Taramis goes on vacation without Fede, she has to find a caretaker she trusts to take care of her furry feline friend.

Taramis has found that taking care of Fede, who is paralyzed and incontinent, is not as difficult or expensive as many people assume. While some might think that caring for a disabled cat would be costly and time-consuming, the only extra expenses Taramis incurs are for baby wipes, paper towels, and disposable underpants, which are relatively cheap. It takes her only 3-5 minutes to express Fede’s bladder. Although it requires additional time and money, Taramis believes that Fede is worth it, and hopes that sharing her story will help others understand that paralyzed and incontinent cats are still capable of leading happy, active lives.

Rather than considering euthanasia as the first option for special needs cats, Taramis believes it should be a last resort. If Fede had been put down, Taramis would have missed out on four wonderful years with her beloved pet and the valuable lessons that Fede has taught her. Despite the challenges that Fede faces, she has adapted to her new body and continues to enjoy life to the fullest. Watching Fede’s strength and resilience has been a source of inspiration for Taramis, who has learned to appreciate every aspect of her own life thanks to her furry companion.

If you want to discover more about this lovely feline, feel free to follow Fede’s Instagram account @fede_lalisiada.

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