Cat Comes to the Right Home for Food and Ends Up Being Adopted by the Couple Who Has Her Brother

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A cat came to the right home for food and ended up being adopted by the couple who has her brother.

calico kitten cat

Lottie the cat@ilckenzoo

About three months ago, a cat showed up outside Allison Ilcken’s home, scrounging around for something to eat. She and her family started leaving out food, and the cat consistently returnedaound 4-5 in the evening for several days.

“I noticed her on the porch for three days. She disappeared for a week or two and then reappeared,” Allison who fosters for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, told Love Meow.

No one in the area came to claim the cat, so they set out a humane trap and brought her to safety.

stray cat kitten hungry

She showed up on the front porch, looking for food@ilckenzoo

The cat named Lottie (or Charlotte) was terrified at first, hissing and swatting out of fear. With a quiet room, lots of treats and reassurance, her demeanor began to shift.

While Lottie tried to bury her face under a blanket to hide, she accepted back rubs and started to relax. The next day, she learned to enjoy chin scratches and worked up the courage to hold her head up.

calico cat snuggles

Lottie was safely rescued and brought indoors@ilckenzoo

“It took a solid week to notice her feeling slightly comfortable, but the real change came after she was spayed. She suddenly became remarkably lovey.”

Lottie’s age and coat type immediately reminded Allison and her family of a previous foster kitten, Berlioz, rescued from the same neighborhoodaout six months prior.

calico cat lottie

Slowly but surely, she learned to trust@ilckenzoo

“We suspected that this sweet girl might be Berlioz’s sister. She is the same size with the same fluff.”

Similar to Lottie, Berlioz was petrified upon arrival, but with plenty of patience and irresistible treats, he came around and went on to find the perfect home with a loving couple.

tuxedo kitten purrito

Berlioz (kitten) was rescuedaout six months before they found Lottie@ilckenzoo

“The vet confirmed Lottie’s age, so we’re 99.9% sure that they are siblings.”

Around that time, the couple learnedaout Lottie, the long-lost sister, and after some consideration, they decided to adopt her as well, so she could be reunited with her brother.

shy tortie cat hiding

Lottie, now Bellatrix, found her forever home with the couple who adopted her brother@ilckenzoo

Lottie, renamed Bellatrix, arrived at her new home and was very nervous at first. She spent the first few days in her security cave bed, but it didn’t take long before she started interacting with her new parents.

She allowed them to pet her and even stretched out her paws to touch their hands.

calico cat happy playful

She came out of her shell, started playing with toys and asking for attention@ilckenzoo

After about a week, Bellatrix was out of her cave, playing with toys and rubbing against her humans for attention.

She was immediately smitten with her brother when they were reunited, and tried to get him to play. Berlioz, now Professor, was a bit hesitant at first, not knowing how to handle her friendly enthusiasm, but Bellatrix was persistent.

cats best friends

Bellatrix and Berlioz, now Professor, were reunited@ilckenzoo

Every day, she would try to get closer to Professor and show him how to play and that she meant good.

“He relearned to play with her and now, they are inseparable. He is truly happy to be with his sister,” Allison shared with Love Meow.

tuxedo calico cats

Professor and Bellatrix@ilckenzoo

The two best friends do everything together, zooming around the house, chasing one another. When they tire themselves out, Bellatrix will snuggle up to her brother and shower him with love.

After being apart for months, they are back with each other and closer than ever.

cats best friends

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