“Buzzing with Excitement: Angelina Jolie Shares Beekeeping Skills with Mexican Kids”

Angelina Jolie, who champions the cause of bees, recently organized a special session for school students in Yucatan, Mexico to educate them about the endangered Melipona bee. In line with the World Bee Day celebrations, pictures were posted on May 22 showing the Hollywood icon dressed in a simple white dress, passionately teaching the children about this unique breed of bee that is non-venomous. Using captivating visuals, Angelina gracefully guided the kids and answered their queries. The students at a public school in the Yucatan peninsula actively participated and interacted with the celebrity, making the session an exciting and informative one.

Angelina Jolie in a bee class in Mexico. PH๏τo: Instagram Guerlain

The year 2021 saw Angelina Jolie being selected as the ambassador for Women for Bees, an initiative launched by UNESCO aimed at training and empowering women beekeepers globally. As a Guerlain Bee ambassador, she has been actively involved in multiple bee conservation campaigns, including the Bee school program that educates students worldwide about the significance of bees. Through her travels to France, Cambodia, and Mexico, the actress has shared pictures and raised awareness about the critical role played by bees in our ecosystem.

Angelina Jolie happily teaches and interacts with children during the lesson. PH๏τo: Instagram Guerlain

Angelina Jolie is keeping herself occupied with various endeavors that go beyond her movie career. Apart from her involvement in bee preservation and promoting fragrances, the celebrity has recently launched her own fashion label called atelier Jolie. The brand has a sustainable approach of upcycling preloved clothing and leftover fabrics, crafted by skilled migrant seamstresses and artisans. Angelina is also actively engaged in humanitarian causes geared towards assisting migrants, empowering women, and protecting the rights of children.

angelina jolie cho chim sơn ca Đức

chương trình học của angelina jolie and guerlain bee

chương trình học của angelina jolie and guerlain bee

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