“Beyond the Pitch: Discovering Benzema’s Fitness Secrets at 35 and Sharing with Players Like Haaland”

Cracking the Code to Benzema’s Toned Physique at 35: Tips for Haaland and Fellow Footballers
Benzema, Real Madrid’s top striker, played in 46 matches and netted 44 goals, contributing greatly to Madrid’s triumph in La Liga and the Champions League. Additionally, he has earned 27 goals and created the second-highest number of goals in La Liga.

During the knockout rounds of the Champions League, Benzema smashed in 10 goals, stunningly netting hat-tricks against both PSG and Chelsea. Throughout the entire 2021-22 season, he has scored an impressive 44 goals and assisted 15 others in 46 games. These stats make it abundantly clear that Benzema is the leading contender to take home the coveted Golden Ball award in 2022. According to El Confidencial, one way to improve Benzema’s game would be to tweak his training regimen and eating habits.

For almost four decades, Jose Luis San Martin devoted his time to helping Real Madrid players improve their game. According to him, Karim Benzema is an intelligent player with immense experience. Despite his busy schedule, the striker looks refreshed and alert. This can be attributed to his disciplined lifestyle – Benzema takes care of his health and maintains a healthy weight range. In fact, he has been following a strict scientific diet since 2018, which is meticulously planned by a nutritionist who advises him on what to consume every day. The focus of Benzema’s diet is to prevent him from gaining weight, so he avoids red meat and instead consumes fish most of the time.

Benzema’s daily routine involves morning workouts, where he consumes carrot powder and electrolyte drinks to keep himself hydrated. He also increases his protein intake after the workout session. For lunch, Benzema prefers healthy couscous noodles, while dinner comprises of steamed fish and vegetables. Nuts are a common addition to his diet, and he also includes seaweed, which helps in the body’s waste elimination process and speeds up metabolism. These practices help Benzema maintain his fitness levels even as he ages, as reported by Marca and Mundo Deportivo.

According to Alberto Mastromatteo, an acclaimed chef from Spain, seaweed is highly beneficial for health. He explains that it contains Spirulina, which is a rich source of vitamins and is composed of 70% protein. Additionally, the Chlorella algae present in seaweed can provide ample energy and help slow down the aging process. Therefore, if you want to stay fit and healthy, make sure to incorporate seaweed into your diet and put in some effort at the gym.

Proper training is an essential aspect of a professional player’s routine, and Benzema places great importance on it. The 1987-born striker frequents the gym and engages in various exercises to strengthen his muscles. Kickboxing is another activity he enjoys when he finds the time. Benzema utilizes innovative machines that send electric pulses to enhance his muscle strength and facilitate weight loss. These machines target fat areas by sending electricity to stimulate the muscles. In addition, he benefits from the Chinese method of cupping, which consists of a massage that loosens up muscles, improving blood flow throughout the body.

According to Marca, Benzema discovered cupping therapy in 2019 and immediately became interested. Cupping involves placing glass suction cups on the skin and pulling them down to tighten muscles. This increases blood flow to the affected area and helps the body eliminate toxins. It’s a simple process that anyone can learn.

El Confidencial reports that Benzema studied Ronaldo’s workouts to improve his fitness. He aims to keep his body fat low and lose 1 kg of weight each year. Since Ronaldo’s departure from the Bernabeu, Benzema has lost 5 kg. “I watched what Ronaldo did so I could learn from him,” he said on the Dutch show Onze Mondial. “I paid attention to his dribbling, passing, scoring, and ball control. But you can’t just copy everything.”

Benzema’s lighter body has made him faster and more agile on the field, enabling him to score in a variety of ways. He has improved his heading ability and has better overall bounce. However, he also recognizes the importance of taking breaks when needed.

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