Anmar Al Haili’s Generous Offer Declined by Messi Due to Family’s American Dream

Anmar Al Haili, the President of Ettihad Club, revealed the details of their attempt to recruit Lionel Messi after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired. Ettihad put forth a lucrative proposal for Messi, offering a whopping 1.4 billion euros along with an annual salary of 88 million euros. Despite the tempting offer, Messi turned it down as his family had their sights set on a move to America.

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Al Haili was taken aback by Messi’s decision to turn down a substantial amount of money from Ettihad because of his family. He mentioned that they tried to persuade Messi’s family but he remained steadfast in his refusal. Al Haili emphasized that Ettihad respects Messi’s choice, highlighting the importance of family over financial gain. Messi’s rejection of Ettihad’s offer has sparked discussions in the football community. Many were surprised by the star’s choice as very few would decline such a large sum of money. However, Al Haili believes that Messi’s values family above monetary rewards, illustrating the significant role family plays in his life.

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Messi is currently showcasing his skills on the field for Inter Miami in the United States, following his family’s move to the country. Many people support Messi’s decision, feeling that he deserves to have a peaceful life with his loved ones after dedicating many years to professional soccer. During his time playing with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi accomplished significant feats such as clinching the Ligue 1 championship and the French Super Cup. Despite these successes, he has yet to secure a Champions League title for the club, a goal that was highly anticipated by many. Since joining Inter Miami, Messi has seamlessly adjusted to life and soccer in America, contributing with numerous goals and assists to help propel the team closer to victory. This move by Messi has not only impressed soccer enthusiasts but has also garnered appreciation from experts who believe that Messi has shown foresight and maturity by prioritizing family over financial gains.

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In today’s football world where money talks, Messi’s decision to prioritize his family’s dream over a massive offer showcases his integrity and solidifies his status as one of the all-time greats in the sport.

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