Angelina Jolie Talks About Her First Time as a Director and Parenting Shiloh in an Exclusive Vanity Fair Interview

During Angelina Jolie’s spare time, when her children were asleep, she developed a passion that would eventually change her career. Her debut as a screenwriter and feature director in the film In the Land of Blood and Honey was a result of this passion, and it is now showing in cinemas. However, despite her success, the actress admits to feeling more vulnerable than ever before. In an interview with Rich Cohen on Malta, Jolie reveals how creating a story about love and war in 1990s Bosnia pushed her out of her comfort zone. She also shares how her partner Brad Pitt believes the film will make her a nightmare.

According to Jolie, her cast of actors are all from the Balkans and their story is crucial. She emphasizes that their willingness to take part in the project was vital, and if they had declined, the movie would not have been made.

At her Los Angeles home, Angelina Jolie was spotted with two of her kids – Zahara, who is six years old and Vivienne, who is three years old.

Jolie expresses her lack of trust in entrusting the screenplay for In the Land of Blood and Honey to someone else, prompting her decision to take on the role of director herself.

Jolie is spending time with her kids at home in LA where she is joined by Knox, who is three years old, Shiloh, who is five, Zahara, and Vivienne.

I’ve never been more vulnerable than now. All these years, I have concealed myself behind the words of others throughout my professional journey.

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