Angelina Jolie to make Brad Pitt pays dearly

Angelina Jolie is seeking court to order Brad Pitt to pay up.Angelina Jolie – Slow Motion Boobs

Court papers filed by the Maleficent star claimed that Brad Pitt hasn’t paid any “meaningful” child support for their six children — Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne — in a year and a half, and she plans to seek a court order make him pay.But sources close to Brad Pitt are refuting the reports that Brad Pitt Has ‘Paid Millions’ to Angelina Jolie for Child SupportThe family quarrels. Nothing to see… Move on.

Review – Angelina Jolie’s Original Sin

Original Sin featuring Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas is a film listed as one of the top erotic movies in cinema’s history. For example, filmsite rated it as #48 of top sexiest movies ever. Despite fast that feature failed to make great box office (its $35m didn’t cover even budget), movie is one that had its place in history of cinema. At least, that is because it has hottest scenes with nude Angelina Jolie.

Film was produced exactly in time when Angelina was finally establishing her top star status. It is known that in current of its production she was excused to leave the stage as she needed to go to LA in order to receive her first Academy Award for supporting performance in Girl, Interrupted movie.

Original Sin despite its name is undoubtedly a film that can be recommended to those who like romantic approach in cinema. Story is about love and why people need it. Character by Jolie is woman who acts a part of bad girl, but true is that deep inside she wants to be loved and thus to get her soul cured. Banderas’ character is one who struggles with her worse identity to reveal her better woman part using the only force strong man may use when communicating with beautiful and sensitive woman – the force of his love and his passion. Movie gives couple of nice questions to be asked. For example – Why do we love those we love?

So my advice is – watch it, at least for ‘literature knowledge’. But most probably you will find something to like.

Original Sin is movie with few but hot nude scenes with Jolie. In quantity and quality of those it was overcome by one film only – Gia. This film deserves its own review. But it should be noted that young Angelina Jolie before becoming top star, in nineties, was not unfamiliar with undressing herself for movies. For example, she undressed in one scene for Foxfire movie that tells story about girls standing against some sort of sex-harassment and abuse. In the scene she takes off her top to make tattoo and then makes tattoos for other girls who also make themselves topless in order to get it.

Another example is her nude appearance in Mojave Moon when taking shower. After nineties she stopped to do such naughty things, but allowed herself some minor nude scene in Wanted action movie where she just accidentally appeared form bath.

After Original Sin Angelina Jolie appeared on cover of Playboy, but not like centerfold. She was presented like actress of this film. And stills form Original Sin were published instead of photo shoot.

Whatever happened to Angelina Jolie before, she is one of the most respected people of society and one of the hottest Hollywood stars ever.

Angelina Jolie

Starring In “More Fun With Angie”

#1-Original Sin”

#2 “Taking Lives”


ast But Not Least

A Photo Album Of Misc Angie Greatness


Now She’s Just Showing Off




From “Sneakers” w/Robert Redford (3 pics above)

Famous For:

Her Lips

Daughter Of Jon Voight (“Mission Impossible”/”The Champ”

For Many Years They Had A Strained Relationship

Former Husbands: Jonny Lee Miller (“Elementary” 1996-1999) Billy Bob Thornton (“Swing Blade” 2000-2003)

For Awhile Angelina Became America’s Most Hated Woman After Stealing America’s Sweethearts Husband Away. Began An Affair While Shooting “Mr. Mrs. Smith) Together. “Brangelina” As They Are Called Have Been Together Ever Since.

Ambassabor To The United Nations Working Tirelessly For Refugees And Children Of Other Nations.

“Hackers” (1995)

“Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” (2001)

“Original Sin” (2001)

“Mr. Mrs. Smith” (2005)

“Beowulf” (2007)

“Wanted” (2008) (See This Movie!)

“Salt” 2010) (This One Too!)

Gold Statue of Angie given to her by leaders of the Arab Emirate after Angelina let them line up and touch her fun bits for 20 seconds each. You should have heard all the giggling.


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