Abandoned Puppy in Poor Health, Tearfully Cries for Help at Local Market

Introducing Willow – a helpless little baby who was abandoned in a corner of the market. Upon finding her, I noticed that she was crying incessantly, seemed anxious, and was very shy. Unfortunately, her condition was not good. Without wasting any time, I immediately took her to the nearest vet to get medical attention.

Upon examination, the doctor revealed that Willow was only about 2 months old, and she was suffering from an intestinal disease and hemorrhoids. Furthermore, her mouth was raised, which led the doctor to believe that she was either dropped or thrown. Unfortunately, Willow’s chances of survival were quite slim, and the doctor requested prayers for her recovery.

It was heartbreaking to see Willow struggle. She was heavily breathing and constantly panicking, and at times she even fell unconscious. Her temperature was critically low, and her heart rate was faint. To make matters worse, she suffered a hypoglycemic episode that left her limbs cold and purple.

My heart was breaking as I watched her lie on a heat pad, experiencing a seizure. The doctor even considered euthanizing her, believing that she was suffering from a neurological virus. Check out the video below to see Willow’s journey to recovery.

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