A Pup in Need: Neglected and Suffering from a Massive Tumor on His Face

Introducing Honey, a helpless creature who was rescued by the Dumaguete Animal Sanctuary. She was found in a pitiable condition with a massive tumor on her face. The tumor had caused severe swelling and infection which she had been enduring for a long time without any medical assistance. Today is her first day with us and we have brought her to Animal Wellness for X-rays to determine if the tumor can be treated.


Upon initial blood tests, it was revealed that the organs of the subject were functioning normally. However, she was diagnosed with anemia and tested positive for heartworm. Our plan of action is to administer anti-inflammatory medication for a period of two weeks while working towards increasing her red blood cell count. Afterward, we will proceed with surgery and chemotherapy. Despite the complex nature of the surgery, we are optimistic about the potential for a healthy and happy life for her. On the second day, the surgical procedure to remove the mass will be carried out, followed by chemotherapy in cases where it is determined to be cancerous. To ensure the highest chance of survival, the surgery will be performed at animal wellness using gas anesthesia. It should be noted that the subject has refused to lie on any bedding provided, hence the lack of materials in her enclosure.


Tomorrow morning, Honey will undergo a blood transfusion due to her low red blood cell count. Following this, we hope to schedule her surgery soon after. On day 17, Honey’s surgery commenced at Animal Wellness. Prior to being sedated, she was pictured with Rina and Rudylyn. Gas anaesthesia was used due to the critical nature of her case, making it safer. The operation will be lengthy and complicated due to the tumor’s proximity to her brain. Please keep Honey in your thoughts during this difficult time. Day 19 saw Honey’s surgery conclude with success, given the challenges presented by the tumor’s growth around facial and optical nerves. Unfortunately, nerves responsible for controlling her left eyelid had to be severed, resulting in a slight droop.


The size of the tumor was enormous, resulting in a large surgical wound. However, there is some positive news as Honey is eating chicken, indicating a good sign. On day 21, Honey had to go through an ear removal surgery as the tumor had invaded it too much. Despite this, she can still have a good quality of life without her ear. Honey is showing progress in eating on her own, but her face is currently swollen due to surgery and inflammation. We are hoping that once the swelling goes down, she will eat more.
Honey is still in the early stages of recovery from this invasive surgery, and each day she doesn’t face any complications is a blessing. As of day 25, Doc Gama announced that Honey is recovering well and ready to come back to the shelter. She is eating well and standing up, although it’s difficult to see past her massive cone. On day 28, Honey is still recovering, and her feet are a bit unsteady, which is understandable given the loss of her ear.
Despite everything, Honey remains a friendly and sweet girl who has gone through quite a lot. Finally, the relief of getting rid of the enormous tumor must be immense. We would like to thank all those who donated towards Honey’s treatment, including the surgery, blood transfusion, and multiple blood tests to check her organ functioning and red blood cell level.


Honey, our furry friend, has been an amazing patient. She recently had her stitches removed and is currently in good spirits. Although we’re still waiting for the results of her tumor biopsy, we know that she’s currently happy and not weighed down by the tumor. Thanks to everyone who contributed to her treatment, we’re grateful for your support. Honey recently had a check-up with Doc Gama and her healing progress is going well. However, we just received news that her tumor is malignant and requires the chemo drug Doxorubicin. We need to act fast to stop the cancer from spreading. Unfortunately, Honey’s situation is serious as she needs surgery to remove her uterus and tumors causing bleeding. But her red blood cell count is low which poses a high risk during the surgery.


We absolutely adore this adorable little girl – she’s incredibly charming and has battled through tough times to survive. On the fifty-fifth day after her surgery, we were overjoyed to learn that she’d made it! Although Honey is still in critical condition, she’s alive and slowly waking up. She’s got a great appetite and is eating heartily, but true to form, she won’t touch the clinic food – only chicken will do! On day sixty, we finally got to bring Honey home from Animal Wellness! And on day seventy, we were blown away by her bravery and resilience. We knew that there was a high likelihood she had more tumors after the one we removed from her head, but we still wanted to give her a fighting chance with chemo. While chemo is always risky, we hoped it would help her fight off any remaining tumors. Unfortunately, chemo can cause damage to healthy cells, weaken the immune system, and can even affect the kidneys when breaking down tumors. Thankfully, Honey proved to be a real fighter and recovered quickly from her last two surgeries. She’s such a happy-go-lucky girl, and we’re thrilled to have her in our lives.


On Day 72 to Day 90, there was a positive update about the woman with a tumor in her vagina. The chemo has helped shrink the tumor by 60 percent after only two sessions. Despite the effects of chemo on her organs, there is still hope for her full recovery. It’s important to report cases of abandonment and neglect, which are not only deeply troubling but also illegal. Seek professional help for medical care, rather than handling the tumor yourself. If you come across a suffering dog, offer comfort and report the situation to the authorities to ensure appropriate care. By sharing this story, you can encourage others to help make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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